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Electric spoiler

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I have a uk beetle, and want the spoiler to raise at about 45mph as the uk spec raises at about 90mph.
I have been looking on eBay at usa spec spoiler motors
Is this the correct part number for the spoiler motor that will rise at 45mph
1c0 959 733B
As opposed to
1c0 959 733F which I think is a uk motor
Can any body help
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I would look up the part numbers on the USA VW national parts e store: the Turbo S model, was made from 2002 to 2004. You can look the parts up there and compare the part #'s and confirm.

Is it the motor that does the speed sensing, or is it in one of the computers, like the body computer, and therefore, the speed can be set using the Ross-Tech VAGcom software?
Thanks for the information
Been looking up part
1c0 959 733
On the vw parts website
The correct part according to the website for a 2002 beetle turbo s is
1c0 959 733 E rear spoiler motor
Can any Turbo S owner confirm that the spoiler for this model will rise at about 45mph
Not just Turbo S's have the 48mph spoiler. All turbo Beetles in MY 2002-2005 have them. Just to clarify. Thanks!
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