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electrical issue, won't crank,

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1998 beetle, 2.0 5 speed
insert key turn to the ON position, loose all power, no lights on the instrument cluster, odometer and trip meter go blank, no radio no clock.
Continue to turn to the start position, same thing

turn the key back to the off position, couple of seconds odometer returns, trip has reset to zero, clock and radio have lost time and stations.

I have replaced the ignition switch, all fixed for one day. Next day same thing, came home to night rapid clicking under the dash. I had to disconnect the battery.

anyone else had something similar?
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Sounds like a dead battery. Have you checked the voltage?
Its not the battery, but I can see how one might think that. To loose all power just turn the key to the on position, not even make it to the start position.
It was an intermittent problem for a week. it got to be a chafed wire, or bad relay, or maybe the CCM, or...?
So, what is the battery voltage both key off and key on? Here is a DIY that I put together:


Be sure the connection I circled near arrow "3" is secure. Could be it loosened up when you disconnected the battery and could definitely be the cause of your problems.
Well I checked all the wire for chafing and found nothing. I pulled and just looked at the relays for corrosion. found nothing corroded or any outside damage on the relays, I did not take them apart. I did clean the one connecter that was pointed on the previous post. I disconnected it used a wire brush to clean it, it did not look corroded. I put everything back together and so far so good, its been 5 days
been driving for a week now, so far so good.

when it was having issues. something else I should have pointed out, besides just turning the key to the on position and loosing all electricity. return the key to the off position, then back to the on position, you might have to do this several times before it would work. Now this only happen about three times before I started taking it apart. Last time it took 15 or 20 tries before it worked. But all is well now. Thanks for the help
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