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Electrical issue

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Hi all new here please help.
02 beetle I have problems with the electrical on the car. when i press the brakes on the car the turn signals do not work the go fast like a light bulb is out but i changed all the light bulbs, also i changed the brake switch last night, also when the lights are on the turn signals do the same thing, and when the lights are on and i press on the brake the turn signals turn on on the dash and also in the back instead of the brake lights, also when i press the hazards every light in the car flashes exept the headlights. can someone please help with this ive been trying to figure this out and cant seem to find the problem.
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Others who have reported this problem have found it to be poor electrical contact in one or more of the turn signal bulb sockets. I would say to remove all 4 turns signal bulbs and inspect the sockets. Remove any corrosion from the contacts. Also pay attention to the ground connection for the side of the bulb. Bend the contacts in the base upwards a little to ensure good contact. On the dual filament rear bulbs, make sure they are installed in the correct orientation for the deep vs. shallow bayonet tracks.
Might be a good idea when putting it back together to use a light coating of diaelectric (never could spell that) gel/grease in the socket. Also give each bulb a little 'snap' with your finger. I've seen this with bulbs that where almost ready to fail....they get kinda 'wonky' when the filaments are just about roached.

Thank you for the reply, can it be the hazard switch I have read that it can be that that makes everything do this?
The hazard switch is also the relay for the turn signals. Others that have had your problem of fast blinking have replaced the hazard switch only to find that it wasn't the problem. The problem was poor contact between the bulb sockets and the bulbs in one or more of turn signals.
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