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So hey guys..

I know my name doesn't look familiar but I've been reading the forums for over two months.. just never posting much!

I am, however, in a bit of a bind and though I would open it up here.

I have three tickets, row M, main floor, center, for the Elvis Costello concert in Indianapolis, IN for THIS SATURDAY. I'm a student a Butler University in Indianapolis and he's playing at Clowes Memorial Hall, 8:00pm, which is here on campus.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend the show anymore and was wondering if anyone wanted these tickets for *extremely* cheep. As a student, I paid $32 for each ticket while the general public had to pay $65. I'm offering these tickets up for $30 a piece.

I know this is probably kinda inappropriate for the forums but thought maybe someone would want these tickets.

Thanks guys!
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