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Hi, I have a 1999 2.0 beetle. I bought a new ebrake cable cause it didn't have one when I got it. When I install it. It is about 2 inches or a little less long making it not usable. I compared it to the OEM cable on the other side and its hook up exactly the same. I looked online to see if its the right size and it is. It just says 66.5. Idk if that is inches but I'm guessing it is.

I also compared the hook or whatever it is that that cable latches to on the caliper on both sides and they are lined up too. Any help will be appreciated

so i found out there is a part missing. there is a sleeve that goes out from the parking brake handle and curves around to a clip that is holding it in. you are suppose to slide the cable into this but i am missing it. does anyone know what it is called and where i could get one?

so i guess im not missing a part after all? it appears the "guide tube" is attached to the brake it self and not detachable. so what in the world do i do with this brake cable i got from the auto parts store that wont fit?
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