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End of my rope

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I'm jes an old dawg tryin to learn a new trick ! Jest gettin thus far was a major accomplishment for me and i couldn't have made it this far without the help of my wonderful girlfrin who is ALOT younger and more computer literate than me ! I shore need some help yall, im hopin that somebody on here has been through what i am goin through now and can give me some insight into the mechanical problems that i'm runnin in to.

Can ya'll tell me how to remove the Input Shaft Speed Sensor ??? I found its location on top of the tranny, unplugged the connector, and then noticed that the wire ran under the cooler/warmer. When i took that loose oil began to flow out of the holes, so I quickly bolted it back up, but not before i noticed the wire ran over and down the side of the tranny. So I jacked up the drivers side and looked under the front end, removed the skid plate and seen that the wire ran into the housing of the tranny. but there is no nut to loosen, or no connection that I can see, I hate to start forcin things as that is usually how I tear up more than I get fixed so please, if ANYONE can shen some light on this subject for me I shore would 'preciate it ! The reason Im changin it is because the car wont start and my U-Scan threw up a code that said this was the TOP fix...
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