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Engine temp light.

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2000 5 speed manual w/150,000 miles.

It was 7-5 degrees F last night in MN and as you would expect the engine temp light comes on in blue at start up and goes out after about five minutes of driving when the car reaches proper operating temperature.
What happened last night was strange. After driving the car more than long enough to be upto temperature the blue temp light would come back on while still driving down the highway for long periods of time. It was not blinking and there is no way the engine temp fell below the operating temperature range.
My GF just got this car days ago and the heat has been less than spectacular but still warm.

Is this an indication of a bad thermostat?
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My car did the exact same thing. Turned out to be the temperature sensor:

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If your thermostat is more than 5 years old be sure to check that your engine is getting up to temperature as well. Use a scan tool to monitor it while you drive. Should get to 195F or so pretty quickly (3 or 4 miles), although in subfreezing weather mine struggles to maintain that with the heater running and non-highway driving.
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