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EPC light, Check Engine light with Codes

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Here's the background. 2002 New Beetle GLS, 166,700 miles. Replaced engine last fall, rebuilt transmission a couple of months ago & new catalytic converter about 3 years ago at about 110K miles.

Today, my EPC light came on, then the Check Engine. Pep Boys read the codes as P0103 & P0221.

P0103 = Mass or Volume Air Flow Circ High Input

P0221 = Throttle Pos. Sensor -B- Circuit Range/Performance

Car is intermittently loosing power, won't rev over 4K rpms to pass anyone or even get up to speed. Sounding rough & junky, LOL if that is even a description.

So... what do these mean? And how bad off am I?

thanks! Cat
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try unplugging the maf sensor.

it runs better, replace the maf, it's bad.

if it doesn't, replace the throttle body.

throttle bodies are easy to replace, but EXPENSIVE to buy.
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