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EPC light comes on shortly after I turn on headlights

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This problem never happens during the day.
I have a 2006 New Beetle. The EPC light comes on shortly after I turn on the headlights when it's dark outside. And every once in awhile while this is occurring the engine just.. feels a little funny for a split second, and goes back to normal. When it's day time and the headlights are off I never ever have this issue. Thoughts?
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Get the car scanned for trouble codes with a VW compatible scanner, post them up here and we will do our best to help. If you don't have a scanner; look into the vgate vs450 on amazon.com for $50 or go full factory level with the Ross Tech VCDS.
Also, please fill out your cars info (e.g. year, model, engine, transmission, etc.); in your profile, that way we can help you more intelligently! Thanks! :)
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