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I'm back- with the same issues... I have an 01 gas beetle and a continuous EPC problem. This has been going on for 4 years and NOBODY can figure it out!!
The first time it was the MAF housing. The problem has come back and I have done the following...

New throttle body X2
Timing belt
Water pump
Temp sender
Cat convertor
Wiring repaired.

The last time that it was acting up, it starts, revs way up (3000-5000RPM) then dies. Starts again, chugs almost dies and when floored will eventually go. Sometimes when it is acting up, you can put the gas pedal to the floor and absolutely nothing happens. When parked on an incline and then started it runs just fine.

So... I am leaning toward the pedal position sensor or perhaps a new computer. If it is the pedal position sensor, does anyone know if the 05 is compatible with the 01 sensor ( there's an 05 at the local wreckers) Is this a hard install?

If anyone has experienced this problem and has found a solution- PLEASE HELP!!! I am at a total loss and am sick and tired of throwing money into a problem that nobody can figure out! I also need my car back on the road!!:
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