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erratic turbo boost help needed

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hi i have a 2002 beetle tdi and my turbo has been erratic of late i have gained the following info from this forum i have checked the the turbo and actuator arm and all is good i have come to the conclusion that the three items i need to replace are the cooland temp sensor (i have the flickering light symptom too) the boost control solenoid(i have looked on the bulkhead and there are two similar looking devices one black topped and one white topped which do i replace?) and the 109 relay. basically i need to know were this things are located as ive had a quick look and there location is not apparent. any help on the location of the coolant sensor the 109 relay and the correct solenoid to replace would be appreciated thanks
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How many miles do you have on it? and are you getting any codes? I was getting a lot of drop out, P0108 codes and limp home with Pedro, a 2002 with 280K on the clock. The prime culprit was a filthy carboned up intake.

I would go with the coolant sensor for sure since you have a hard indicator (flashing temp light). I would wait in the others until you can confirm more about your problems. Randomly replacing sensors gets frustrating when you spend the dollars and get no change.
how did you come to the conclusion that those items need to be replaced? I'm not saying they do not but just replacing because something isn't working doesn't always solve the problem. I would first either get a vcds or find someone with one and scan the car and make some logs, that way you can determine it a little better.
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