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Hi there. First time writing but I´ve been Reading a lot. I own a 2007 convertible.

I want to add the functionality of a rear left fog light and a separate function for the parking (city) lights. I´ve read a lot of threads in this fórum and I´ve tried to gather all the info but still confused. Here is what I think I need:

- Buy and install a Euroswitch.
- Repair wire (trigger wire), the yellow VW one.

I don´t think I need the rear fog light assembly, since my car came with it ( see picture). I`ve read it also comes with the bulb and with the wiring that gets routed to those 2 rear lights (although that wiring is not connected to the light switch). My rear fog assembly is the squared type, not the rounded one.

REAR FOG LIGHT: I´ve seen that I have two options. 1. Connect the repair wire to the NFL pin in the euroswitch and route it all the way to the rear assembly. 2. Intercept the already instaled black and blue wire in the driver`s side wiring harness, cut it and connect it to the euroswitch. I guess I´ll do the second one.

PARKING LIGHTS: In order to get the functionality of the parkinglights "only" position of the euroswitch, what do I need to do? I`ve read that inorder to do that you only have to disable the DRL. Is that true? What method should be used to disable the DRL for this purpose? The bend pin or the 173 realymod? DRLs don´t bother me, I just need parking lights as a european standard requirement...

In another thread I read that another option for the parking lights to work separately is to install a "trigger" wire from the euroswitch to the control unit...is that really necessary?

Anybody has done these two mods in a 2007? I donñt realy need to play with the computer codes rght?

Thanks in advance!


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On my 2009 NBC, I just replaced the OEM light switch with an Euro light switch (eBay of course). No mods or rewire was needed to get "parking lights".

I did install front fog lights at this time. This required a lot of wire running, new grilles and a new relay. The relay is needed if installed as the factory would do it - fogs turn off on high beam (DOT). I got the relay/socket and lots of wiring from a donor car at the local salvage yard. This mod was a real job too! Electrical wiring knowledge is a big help.

Can't speak to the rear fog light modification.
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