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exhaust manifold removal

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Hi all, i am in the middle of removing my exhaust manifold to get my sticking turbo cleaned up. I have the intake manifold out and exhaust manifold unbolted but can't get it out of the engine bay. Should I take out the passenger drive axel to remove the manifold out the bottom or is there a better way to get it out of the engine bay?
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I am not sure about the TDI's but on the 1.8T (gas) it is far easier to R&R the turbo/exhaust manifold from underneath the car by dropping the right axle from the transmission, then wiggling it out.
You don't need to remove the turbo to free up sticky VNT vanes. You can simply remove the downpipe, and fill the turbo with EasyOff oven cleaner, and keep working the VNT lever to free things up. I made a block off plate to bolt in place of the exhaust to hold the cleaner in. Drilled two holes, one in the middle for a tube to inject the cleaner, one at the top so I would know when it's full. Worked perfectly. My vanes were completely seized, the cleaner fixed it perfectly.
I ended up removing the passenger side drive axel and wiggled it out. I only had half travel in the actuator, so I should notice a big improvement when its all back together.
Thanks again:D
While you have it out, I would suggest having an experienced turbo/shop tech. check the unit for turbine and shaft play etc., this might save you from the hassle of putting it back in the car just to have it fail soon after.
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