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Exhaust on 2.5l

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2009 NB 2.5l engine. Loving my new ride so far. Biggest issue is noise, or the lack thereof. I would really like to be able to hear what the engine is doing. Between the lack of noise and not yet having the muscle memory for this clutch, I have stalled a few times - I'm used to old loud cars with long travel, mechanical clutches, not this fancy "hydraulic clutch" and "non-leaking exhaust" business. All of this is to say, I would like to swap out part of my exhaust. Long term, I am not going to go beyond some basic modifications and a stage 1 equivalent tune, so freeing up the exhaust isn't the #1 priority. A muffler would for sure do the trick, but I'm not completely opposed to a catback either. It is really important to me that it is kept tasteful - I don't want anyone to be bothered my my exhaust and I don't want it to attract attention. Unfortunately, finding recordings of aftermarket mufflers on 2.5s isn't proving easy. I'm just curious what you all are running.
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