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ok i thought it was about time to post a pic thread. So here we go.

2001 Turbo 1.8 Vortex Blue Beetle GLS
AWV Engine (1 In 24)
5 Speed Transmission (Gone Now)
Leather w/ Heated Seats (All Changed Out Now)
Fog Lights (Removed Now)
Heated Mirrors
6 Disc (Removed Now)

Exterior Mods
Votex Front Bumper
-Both Sets Of Turn Signals Shaved
-Fogless Grille
Votex Rear Bumper
-Rear corners shaved
-No Cut Out Diffusor
Votex Side Skirts
White LED License Plate Light
Crystal Clear Third Brake Light
Euro Tail Lights
Fowvays Spoiler Mod
ECS Window Roll Up Mod
Painted OEM Turbo Spoiler
Rear Euro Emblem
Shaved Hood Emblem
Short Antenna
Custom 20% Tinted Windows With VW Emblems In Chrome Tint On Rear Windows
OEM Bi-Xenon Headlights
-6000K HID Kit Headlights
-Slim Ballasts
DRL Replaced With Front Turn Signals

Interior Mods
4 Vortex Painted Interior Pieces
-grab handle surrounds
-steering wheel surrounds
White Plush VW Flower
Cleared Out Door Lights
Beetle Monster Mats
Turbo S Bud Vase
Turbo S Door Pins
Turbo S Pedals
Turbo S Dead Pedal
Turbo S Steering Wheel Spokes
Turbo S E Brake
Turbo S Shifter And Boot
Turbo S Door Handles
Bernt 3 Gauge Pod (Bernt emblem shaved)
-Stewart Warner Boost Gauge
-Stewart Warner Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
-Stewart Warner Oil Temp Gauge
GTI Front Seats (black heated leather)
Beetle Sport Rear Seats (black leather)
Golf GTi Headrests (Solid Black Leather)
02-03 Center Console
White LED Interior Lights

OEM Mongoose CD Player
Dice IPod Hook Up
MTX front speakers

K&N 3" Cone Filter
Inner Fender Around Intercooler Cut
Forge 007 Diverter Valve (blue spring)
Removed Under Hood Shield
Bosche Copper Core Spark Plugs
ECS Coil Hold Downs Black
ECS Lightened Underdrive Pulley (Black)
ECS Lightened Power Steering Pulley (Black)
ECS Lightened Alternator Pulley (Black)
2.5" 42 Draft Designs Stainless Cat Back With Test Pipe
3" Downpipe
Motoza Custom Tune
3" MAF
Frankenturbo F21 Turbo
Ceramic Coated Frankenturbo Exhaust Manifold
Frankenturbo Turbo Inlet Pipe (Black)
Eurojet 2" Charge Pipe Kit
Samco Intercooler Kit (Black)
Tyrolsport Upgraded Side Mount Intercooler
Smooth, Polished, Rounded Inlet, And Knife Bladed ATW Throttle Body
550CC Genesis Injectors
Deleted N249 Valves
Deleted Secondary Injection Pump With CTS Turbo Block Off Plate
Deleted Evap System
42 Draft Designs Oil Catch Can
Ported And Polished Head
034 Motorsport large port intake manifold
034 Motorsport phenolic spacer

10LB Fidanza One Piece Flywheel
Stock 6 Speed LUK Pressure Plate, Clutch, And Throw Out
3/4 Inch Shortened Shifter Rod
Black Forest Industries Dog Bone
6 Speed Turbo S Transmission
42 Draft Designs Shifter Bushings
R32 Shifter Lever for Shorter Throw

Wheels And Suspension
18" Jeep Wrangler JK Wheels
15mm Spacers/Adapters
Neuspeed Sport Springs (1.5" Front Drop 1.5" Rear Drop)
Poly Sway Bar Bushings

Best Track Times (Have Not Ran Yet With New Turbo)
Reaction 1.5398
60 Ft 2.4531
330 Ft 6.7481
1/8 ET 10.3332
1/8 MPH 69.13
1/4 ET 15.9272
1/4 MPH 86.54

1st Place - 2007 Spring Nationals - New Beetle Modified Class
1st Place - 2007 Bugfest - New Beetle Modified Class
1st Place - 2008 Spring Nationals - New Beetle Modified Class

Intake Manifold


Low & Slow
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FallinApartBoy said:
you better like the name...you picked it out. and the color is amazing. dont you wish you had one?

Good-bye Curby...
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ah, i do love me some vortex blue! ;)

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Comet's lookin' super hot Mr.! Good job on the install!!! :thup:

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FallinApartBoy said:
thank you to both of you. the install was HORRIBLE. the rubber seals are glued to the tails so i had to take some soapy water and lube them up and then slide a credit card in between the seal to get them to mount flush. and a big thanks to LONY for the info on how to do this.
Ha ha you said lube them up....dirty. :devil: lol

Sorry it was a big pain in the :moon: to put them in, but it was definitely worth it...they look wicked sweet!

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The tails before the new ones... were they the red and clears? If so, what are you planning on doing with them?

#1 Auntie
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Would you consider selling them...?
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