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man this is why I feel better about bypassing the factory fan control system.

As an alternative (it is not for everyone) you can bypass the factory control system by buying an aftermarket electric fan control kit. This is available at your local parts store.

It will come with thermostat probe (either one that sticks between the fins of the radiator or one that inserts into the upper radiator hose) and a relay with the associated wiring. My relay had a line for the thermostatic probe and one for the AC signal and could power two fans.

My probe was one that went into the upper radiator hose with an adjustable temperature setting.

For the AC signal I pulled the plug on the compressor and after some testing determined it was the #1 line that needed to be tapped.

If your fans work but they are just not getting proper signal then this is an option. I did it in combination with replacing my burnt up factory fans with aftermarket versions. The down side is that my fans run for a little while longer after I turn off the car because they continue to get the "on" signal from the temp probe. In my case, both fans come on at operating temp or with the AC on.

May not help but thought I would share.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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