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Fastback and KGhia

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It sure would be nice if VW reengineered the current Beetle to put the engine in the back. I think us old folks who appreciated the old stuff, would respect the new Beetle more. I tried to talk my wife out of getting her 2012, and I only drive it if it is necessary.
Also, it sure would be cool if they brought back the Karmann Ghia and Fast Back. Could be kinda cool and sporty. Of course, put the engine in the back. If 'Porch' can do it, why cant VW? A under-powered boxer 4 could work. The EOS doesnt count, and something like the Audi TT, though it is kinda Karmann Ghia-ish, still wouldnt be right.
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VW has streamline the platforms that they build on; that way, they can use similar parts across multiple vehicle and keep costs down. I don't think; VW would make a car like a beetle that is totally unique unto itself. These days; its all about costs, shared technology and reducing redundant engineering. Check out this article; for the way they are going with platform designs, that can be used across many car models.

Volkswagen's Golf 7 MQB component platform architecture

If you want to see a model that is like a karmann ghia; check out the european model of the scriacco, maybe one day they will let us have one! :)

: Volkswagen UK

To quote this wikipedia page:

"Volkswagen began work on the car during the early 1970s as the replacement for the aging Karmann Ghia coupe"


I was a aircooled beetle/super beetle owner and daily driver from 1987-2000; while I look back at those years with appreciation, I don't miss swapping engines and the lack of all the modern conveniences, that the new modern cars have! :) I think from the new beetle on; they just are not the inexpensive cars that the originals were and were not designed to be. I believe a beetle was one of the cheapest cars you could buy at the time (50s through the 70s). If you wanted a car like the original beetle; it would be more in the vein of a VW Polo or UP! Which unfortunately, they don't sell here in the USA; maybe one day they will. Check these cars out; definitely, designed to be inexpensive transporation and excellent mpg! :)

Volkswagen Up - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Volkswagen Polo - Wikipedia, the

http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/new/polo-v/homefree encyclopedia

I'm curios; why do you prefer the rear engine design cocept; from a nostalgic point of view or for some other reason?
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