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fastest engine for 2000 vw beetle

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Hi I recently bought a 2000 vw beetle 2.0 manual..I want to make it alot faster, What engines can I swap into it?
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The 1.8T can be a potent set up. The AWP motor was the highest rated from the factory at 180hp. You can get almost any 1.8T and throw a tune at it and get some good numbers. Then you can always go BT, or a water/meth kit, nos, the possibility's are endless.
Just make sure to get all the donor parts..
Is there any way of swapping another car engine into it? Like mabey a k22a from Honda? Or a turbo sti?
With time, money, and resources, anything can be done. Not sure if it really would be a very easy swap though if that's what you're asking. Also keep in mind the Beetle engine bay is pretty cramped. Not sure how big those other engines are.
Remember, the beetle is a solid car that weighs right at 3000 pounds with a driver in it. A lot also has to do with your own definition of "fast". A 13 second Street car with about 300 Horsepower is "fast" in many people's book...

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LS1 would make it go real fast...

Sell it and buy a factory turbo beetle. Like someone above mentioned, anything can be done with time and money. Converting an AEG bug to a 1.8t is cost prohibitive. I pondered this myself and the amount of money and work it will take is not worth it in the long run. Just find a 1.8t bug on the cheap and start from there.
Is there any way of swapping another car engine into it? Like mabey a k22a from Honda? Or a turbo sti?
why would you do that? the cost of the sTi wold be more than the cost of a 1.8t beetle. they are super cheap now.....

it will cost more to put a swapped engine in a 2.0 than it would be to buy a 1.8t.

save the money you would use to buy all the parts needed to do the conversion and put into the cost of the 1.8t.

cause not only do you have to buy a new engine, you also need:

bigger axles
wiring harness
fuel pump

and thats just off the top of my head :)

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I'm in agreement with pretty much everything the above posters stated - it would be a big undertaking so you would most likely be better off to buy a car with a better tuner engine to start with. 'However' if you have the time and resources and don't mind the wait, research, manpower, money and patience involved - then I say go for it and build what you want. Just don't expect it to happen fast. I saw a video on youtube a while back of a guy who crammed a new Corvette V8 into a first gen Miata. Granted, it was only good for doing serious burnouts and traveling in a straight line, it was still quite an engineering feat and no doubt exactly what the builder wanted to make. Just do your research before you decide!

Best of luck
I saw a few newer VW's at a recent show and they had a 24v turbo v6, now that would be fun to stick in a Bug
Fastest isn't always the best thing,and can be very dangerous...if your saying 'What' to me?

Promoting some safety was all.

Not against modifying...just trying to remind people to take care.
Yes, I was saying What????, to you,"Mr. Way :eek:fftopic:".

Thank you though, for being the Community's Conscious, now, can we get back ON topic......
so to sum up this wonderful thread.... :rolleyes:

save your allowance and trade in your bug for a 1.8t.

the end.

:wave3: jd
We'll played my friend.... Well played.
And we're done.

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I would have to agree with those that recommend that you sell your 2.0L Beetle and purchase a manual trans. 1.8L turbo Beetle, far less of a hassle than an engine swap.
this is going to be the never ending thread. like when we were in middle school and you would say, "no you hang up." no! you hang up. no you hang up. no you hang up. no you hang up.


Seems like a lot of you are really worried about how someone else spends their money. Really, the question didn't include "how much will it cost?"

Best bet? Buy a wrecked Golf with a VR6 and the tranny you want, and do the swap. You can probably swap the whole thing out by unbolting the K-member and lifting the car off of it, then repeat the process with the Bug. But by buying a wrecked car, you have every piece you need for the swap.

To some of us, money and time are not the final consideration, the build is. No, I don't have deep pockets, but I do things one piece at a time.

How much do you think it's going to cost me to put a 400 Hp supercharged Buick V6 into a Chevette, have the firewall customized to fit the blower drive system, put a Cowl Induction hoodscoop on, etc... Will it be worth more? Will it be worth anything? Probably not. Will it be a blast to drive? Uh, duh...

And it will be an accomplishment!

Get out and wrench on something and enjoy life.

To the OP, Check out HPA. Those guys have a lot of what you are looking for. They are one of the reasons I bought my Bug. I intend to throw their catalog of parts at mine. I'll probably go 1.8t because I found a site that specializes in them and it will probably save a few pounds over the vr6. And it probably won't plow like a John Deere, either.
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Please enlighten me. I am, after all, new to the Volkswagen scene. If I got it wrong I want to know.

i think that Lucky Patcher & Kodi HP matters for high rev accelerations. But at lower revs, going uphill, with 4 people and some cargo - torque is what you need.
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