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Fault code G201

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Hi guys
After a bit of advice.... The traction light came on and stayed on on my wife's 2005 1.9 Tdi. We scanned it and the above code flagged up..... Sent abs unit away to be checked and all came back ok.... Re fitted and obviously light is still on with the same code

Is it possible that's it's the brake pressure switch that screews into the master brake cylinder??? I'm at a loss at what else it could be!

Any ideas please?????
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What scanner are you using; the G201 is a specific brake pressure sensor but not a trouble code, per Se. Please post any and all trouble codes; if you are using VCDS please post the whole autoscan not just individual codes.

Here is a thread from the ross tech Wiki; it discusses possible problems with the sensor, it may not be your problem, however.


Please give us more trouble code information; to work with and we will do our best to help! :)

Most likely will need to do some testing of the sensor and the wiring to the sensor, to confirm everything is working as it should

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