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Hey Guys...

I've noticed over the past year that my '04 is starting to act a little weird.

1) The hatch doesn't open fully by just hitting the button once. I've thought that maybe hitting it once while the doors were locked had something to do with it but, alas, no. No matter what, if I hit either the hatch button in the car or on the fob it sounds like it opens but only unlocks about half way. Then, I have to hit it again and it fully unlocks. Any ideas?

2) AUDIO!!!! good god... I've had so many problems with my monsoon stereo! The speakers keep blowing in the front (on the doors) even though the bass never goes above 4 and I don't listen to music loud at all. I've complained to not only three separate dealers on more than one occasion but also VWAmerica and everytime they say they fix it, it STILL has the same problems! In addition to that, no matter what the driver-side door vibrates soooo much with the bass from the loudspeaker no matter what. So.. should I just scrap it all and go with aftermarket speakers? I'm more than willing at this point... If so, which ones? Should I keep pushing at VW?

3) The driver's side seat squeaks! yes.. I said squeak, haha. If hitting bumps in the road, then it squeaks. Now I know I have the seat pumped up a bit and that if I put the seat all the way down it probably won't squeak.. but I'm short so it helps to be pumped up a bit. Are there any fastenings I can tighten to stop this?

If you've read all of this you're wonderful.. honestly. Any help on any of it is much appreciated!!!

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