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It's not a turbo question. But a question on the drivers door actuator. Why doesn't my door key lock both doors from the drivers side? But it does on the passenger side. Drivers side does unlock both though. Is this a door actuator issue?
Previous owner lost the remote so I only have the 1 key for now. And is very annoying to remember to walk around to the passenger side to lock both doors.
Ok here is what I know about your issue. The door locks on these beetles have issues. A lot if issues. Good thing the drivers lock module is cheep. 35 bucks gets you a new door lock. Replacing with new fixes alarm issues, done light issues and remote issues. It sounds like you are loosing communication with your can line. First thing I’d do is check the wiring in the drivers wire loom boot that has all your door lock, window and gas/back hatch wiring running through it. I’ve found sometimes the window when it goes down cuts the wiring in this loom and you have communication loss to the cab system. I’d be almost certain you have a cut wire in the drivers door loom. I had 7 wires cut on one of my 2004 that stopped windows from working and locks not working the only things working was the gas release. Even the back hatch didn’t work. I re connected these wires and everything worked again
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