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I know there are one or two threads on fitting after market radios but I hope you don't mind me putting my bit in:

Problem one was the radio release keys or lack of, VW Stealer would not supply the keys and said they would pull it out for a charge. I know there is more than one way to skin a cat so there must be a way to get the head out without paying VW .. and there is !! Cut two strips of tin plate the width of the key slots, cut off one of the top corners at an angle, this side goes to the outside of the head when inserting. Insert into slot and if you move the key to the left (when in the right slot) you will feel the spring loaded catch, put your finger in the cassette slot and gently pull while pressing on the catch. On the left slot move the tin strip to the left .. 30 seconds and it was out.

Problem two is the filler plate or facade that fills the ends when the oval shaped original radio is removed. VW Stealers wanted €25.00 for these, they came in 2 sections, left and right, I got hold of non original, in one piece for €15.00 and it fits perfect. One word of advice is to put the facia plate in first, then the radio mounting box as the box keeps the facia secure.

Problem three was the arial adaptor. For those of you who do not know, the base of the VW arial contains a 12v amplifier, after market, non original radios are not wired for these. VW Stealers wanted €30.00 for this, I picked one up for €17.00.

Unlike other vehicles, the aperture for the radio on a Beetle is an enclosed box with slots either side for the harness, before pushing in the radio head, make sure you get the cables well down into the slots, if you don't they will coil up behind the head and it won't fit.

30 minutes later, the new head is in, USB/AUX/CD/RADIO tested and ready to go.

If you have a multi disc CD changer DO NOT forget to eject the magazine before you disconnect the original radio as the changer is powered by the radio and you will not get your discs out.


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