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fix up or for parts 2001 NB Turbo. $1000.

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This was a good runner with around 150,000 mi. 1.8T w/auto. Pics show the damage Daughter slid off road this winter, Lots of new parts last 2 years including timing belt, water pump( metal impeller) oil and temp senors, coil packs, inner/outer tie rods, control arm bushings, and an expensive new turbo installed and charge cooler, was about $2000. but its self.

I could invest a few hundred, and get it going again and replace mostly plastic parts ( it suffered a broken cv joint and trans. mount and one rim) The trans has a sheered bolt hole from mount breaking but could be fixed. I really don't have time to mess with it, and daughter needs money for college. I would prefer to sell larger items like engine/ trans, before I start parting. I am located in Colorado 81323. thanks

$1000. For everything
1.8 turbo with automatic ( would part with for 750.00)
has decent tires
good glass/sunroof
inner door regulators new.
brushed aluminum inner door handles
carpet, rear seat(black leather) good
front seats bad.( air bag deployed on drivers seat)
instrument cluster good
steering assembly good


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I can post more pics if someones really interested, and also I have a truck and trailer if someone wants to make a deal.
I would post more pics; try to get ones that are clearer and not so blurry! :) Make sure to get some of the interior! Good luck with the sale! :cool: Check your PM's! :)
how is the turbo and flex pipe to manifold? would you sell it?
ok, This is for sale locally, gonna give it a week or so for some one to take whole thing, if not I will sell turbo, or any other parts, I also reduced price to $800.00 for everything, if any takers.


You have the speedo 160 mp/h ¿

have pics ?


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