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'02 Snap Orange 1.8T/5spd
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Working my way towards the end of the laundry list on this car, and having just gotten all of the power functions working (windows/mirrors/door locks/alarm/key fob/stereo/6 disc changer) it was time to investigate the sluggish closing operation of the driver's door window.

Or maybe I should say; with the window now functional, it only took about a week before the regulator grenaded due to the drag while closing.:cool:

3 things were going on:

-Two of the black pins that locate the power window motor to the spool of the regulator had broken. This allowed the motor's drive gear and the sprocket of the spool to separate and then just chatter against each other.

Cured this with a couple of longer screws.

-The plastic glide for the forward-most glass holder had broken, and that holder wouldn't stay squarely located in the track.

Cured this by purchasing new replacement nylon plastic glides from a vendor on ebay. Not sure I'd recommend this, as it was a monumental PIA to take glass holder portion out of the steel glide frame, get the cables re-attached to the new plastic version, and get the holder driven into the plastic. But, the price was right, and I guess I don't value my time or the risk of severe sheet metal cuts.:rolleyes:

-The final straw, was yet another piece of fine butchery, which is what this car has been all about since the purchase at the end of June. It seems every square inch of this car has been taken apart and put back together incorrect, with the wrong parts, and anything related to disassembly and reaassembly has been broken.

With the new nylon glide installed, the steel door panel mounted to the door, and the glass mounted into the glides, the window would barely raise, and eventually cause the anti-pinch "system" to activate, and roll the window back down.

I found that when I removed the inside door window squeegee, the window worked fine. So I examined the squeegee on the other door and discovered that the driver's door squeegee was in upside down. So instead of the glass pushing the lip out of the way as it rolled up, it was causing the lip to move outward into the glass.:mad:

Anyway, it's all back together now, and working correctly.
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