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1) Why the CE goes on
a) The ECU at ignition on does a test of all communication
b) Any voltages that are not just right throws a P0318
rough road error. and puts on the CE lite, the ABS lite,
and the TRAC lite.
c) When driving in 5th gear at 50 MPH, leave transmission
in gear and don't touch clutch, turn ignition off
then on. If ABS and TRAC lites go off, then the following
steps will solve your problem.
2) Why the connections are bad.
a) ABS is 14 inches off road surface.
b) Salt spray gets on ABS connectors.
c) On dry days the salt drys and does not conduct much.
d) On humid and rainy days the salt is wet and conducts
between adjacent pins on the ABS connectors and other
connectors as well,
3) How to fix;
a) After 3 dry days.
b) Hook you garden hose up to a hot water spigot.
c) Start Car
d) Spray hot water on the ABS thoroughly.
e) Drive down the road at 60 MPH for a few miles.
f) Stop and turn ignition off then restart car.
g) Repeat a to g till error clears.
4) If this fails. Hose down all connectors under the hood.
5) Evidently the connectors are not weather proof. Bad design
by VW engineers.
1) I had a 5 mpg run in with another car.
2) A week later I got the error. It was raining.
3) Three days later no error. It was dry.
4) This is fishy.
5) The error followed weather.
6) I told a friend I wish I could get at ABS.
7) He said, "Isn't it up where you can see it?"
8) Bingo! That's it! Close to the road!
9) Yea - salt spray from high way. Connectors loose.
10) Then on a sunny day when the error was gone I
Hosed down every connector on car while it was running.
a) left rear ABS
b) right rear ABS
c) left front ABS
d) right fron ABS.
e) ECU under wipers
f) Engine connections.
g) ABS unit
h) BINGO - CE,ABS,TRAC lites
11) Hosed the Hell out of the ABS with Hot Water.
12) Drove the car 5 miles at 60 MPH.
13) Stopped - Ignition Off - Restart car no error!
14) A week later I got the error again, We Had Snow!
15) Hosed it down and it went away.
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