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Hi Everyone,

I'm back with a weird issue...not sure if it's an electrical malfunction or something to worry about.
The brake warning light on my dash flashes whenever the a/c is running (not the fan or heater, a/c specific) but apparently only when it is a very hot day--say at or above 90 degrees fahrenheit. It makes absolutely no sense and the factors seems totally unrelated to me but those are the only common factors that I have observed when this has occurred. The first time this happened was about a year ago and I immediately took it in to get the brake fluid level checked out and I was told the fluid level wasn't inadequate.
This issue came back about a month ago but like I said, only when it is a very hot day. This doesn't even happen when I've driven the car for a long period of time, as it happened about a week ago when I had started the car for the first time of the day and fifteen minutes into my drive with the a/c on the brake warning light started to flash.
This hasn't happened on moderate temperature days when I do have the a/c running, it's just so weird. I have also tested to see if the brake warning light stops flashing if I turn the a/c off and it does.

I'd appreciate if anyone can share any insight into this :eek:
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