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Hello everyone!
Its been a week to my 2011 Beetle Luna that had previously done about 40,000 odd miles. I have a question regarding its manual transmission (?maybe I might be doing it wrong/ is something actually wrong!)

My gear shift is a little stiff, however with gentle hands, it does move around. I can now tell when I have moved into the wrong gear, it makes this weird noise. However, after going into wrong gear 2-3 times, I feel my clutch goes flat. Like I need to pull it up from the tip of my foot and then it starts working fine. This specifically happens between 1st and reverse gear, and perhaps when I have not pushed the clutch down fully. When shifting between other gears, it has not happened.

I know I'm still a new driver, and I am still slowly learning about the 'biting point' etc. But is there something wrong with the clutch pad itself, or am I doing it wrong?

I hope I make sense.


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These clutches are hydraluic systems; so, it the basics, should be reviewed. Check for brake fluid tank levels, as they share the save fluid, as the brake system and if they are low, then check for leaks. If there is a leak, it should be fixed; sometimes a slave or master clyinder, can fail, requiring replacement. Before that, if you don't find any leaks (check inside, near the pedals; outside, the lines, slave cylinder, on top of the tranmission); you could top off the fluid and try bleeding the system, see if it restores the clutch functionality and solves the pedal issue.

NOTE: these links; are for a non UK spec vehicle; thus, left hand drive; not right hand drive but the principles are the same. If you do not have a service manual; you might pickup a Haynes UK edition service manual.

Volkswagen New Beetle (1998 - 2010)

Volkswagen VW New Beetle 1.8 & 2.0L petrol (1998-2010) & 1.9L TDI diesel (1998-2004) Haynes Repair Manual (USA)

Part number:
UPC: 038345960093


master cylinder:

slave cylinder:

clutch pedal assembly; exploded view:

The shifter itself; tends to wear out over time and needs rebuilt, then adjusted to work, as it should once again. We can discuss this further; once you figure out the hydraluic issue and get the clutch working, as it should.

Let us know, what your inspection of the hydraulic system reveals; any repairs, you end up doing and we can go from there. Thanks.
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