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Hi all this is just FYI this may already be known by some but I thought its usefull none the less. I did some research and found some info on the Jetta forums that a flip key remote will work on a 98 beetle. There are a several Different #'s on the remotes. This is the correct one to use .
HLO 1J0 959 753 T
Most flip keys on E-bay are this # (HLO) 1JO 959 753 AM
Most late model VW's use the part # ending in AM. Make sure it ends with a T or an F The F models I think are the older ones with different buttons and have the key ring hole on the corner. I found a T model on E-Bay and got it for 19$ shipped.
It programed the same as the Bango remote described in the owners manual. Cool huh.:D
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