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I have a 2005 GL with Trans code HFZ, which is 09G tiptronic. As far as I can find the VW spec is G055025 A2. Is this the same spec as JWS 3309 or Mobil 3309. Can it be replaced by Toyota T-IV? Amsoil says their (ATFQT) multi vehicle formula will work. I have original owners manual and it does not have any info on automatic transmission fluid! Please advise. Thanks!
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Check on the oil manufacturers web site and see if they have a VW certification. The one thing that I have learned in the last two years of ownership of two beetles is the OEM stuff always works better if you can get or afford it. Check at ID Parts and see what they have. They may have some alternatives.
I would stick with OEM if you can. The autos in these cars can be finicky.
If you don't want to get your fluids from the Volkswagen dealer and are having a hard time finding the right fluid in your area; check out BlauParts.com, they should have everything you need.
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