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Fog lights

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I have a 2014 GSR. I want to change my fog lights to match my bi-Xeon headlamps. Any suggestions? Can I just get bulbs or must I get HID kit. What is color match to main lights, around 6000k? I want them to match . I know my specs say my main lights are bi- Xeon. So does that mean I can go get bi-Xeon fog bulbs? Help
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I would imagine you need a HID kit, but even then I wouldn't do it since the fog lights aren't projector housings. It might look good but it'll just through light every where and blind people IMO
Hello everyone I just got a 01 GL NB I need both door panels also if anyone has or can give me a idea where to get clear turn signal lenses thanks!
ebay, and wrong thread
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