Mileage:133 KM
Engine:1600 cc
Trim:Panel Van
NOTE after editing the price several times without success I give up. The bus $7,000 and is a bargain.
An original 133,000 km never wrecked or worked hard 1995 Brazilian panel van. Selling due to ill health and giving up my drivers license. Within the last 5,000kms, complete new brake system. Within the last 3,000kms, new steering box, replaced front stabilizer bushings, replaced 4 CV joints and boots, Bosch battery, replaced both taillight bulb holders as originals would no longer keep contact with the bulbs, new OE type shifter (the bulb on the bottom broke off the original). Also in that same 3K kms time frame the engine was taken down due to push rod tubes leaking. We found 12 head studs were pulling out causing the leaky push rod tubes, We replaced those 12 with case savers, replaced the oil cooler seals, push rod tubes and seals and it no longer leaks. Crankshaft end play was well within specs so we did not need to use any shims. The cargo floor in this panel is the straightest I have ever seen in a non restored, commercial bus. All Brazilian panels came in white or blue, this one was white. The roof was left white and the sides and drivers compartment painted café. Most of the cargo area is original white. The door panels and kick panels are original to this bus as is the headliner. Seat upholstery is great and everything works as it should. The headlights are European so the parking light is inside the headlight. This, being a Brazilian bus has no heater control on the dash, fresh air only control. It also has the heavy duty South American air filter system for the engine and yes the filter was changed recently and are readily available. The bus is in my name. PM or email me for the Ecuadorian equivalent of a title as I do not want to post it here. I will also, at my expense (a 12 hours round trip) bring it to the port of Guayaquil for loading. Shipping arrangements/expense are on the buyer. It's a great bus with killer looks. I have wheels and tires appropriate to where I live (tires are excellent) but a nice set of wheels will make this a winner at any show. Who am I? I Have been on this site for 20 years and started the Tail of the Dragon ToD weekend in 2009. Ask any of my contacts, I have a stellar reputation. Many more photos available. I will also include a new set of door rubbers (L & R passenger doors) that I have not been able to install.
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