Model:New Beetle
Mileage:355560 M
Engine:TDI 1.9L
  • Current Mileage – 355,360 – I have averaged about 3,500 miles a year since I’ve owned it.

    Complete Maintenance History – Original Owner is a close friend and kept a notebook with mileage record for every fuel and service. I’ve had the car for almost 10 years and have virtually all records for replacement parts and maintenance services done since I’ve owned it. The vehicle also has never been in an accident. I’ve owned and driven VW Diesels for the over forty years and have always believed that maintenance is the key so some of the work listed was simply that and I would have absolutely no concerns driving this car anywhere. The car has an Evolution Atlas Skid Plate and has a LoJack anti-theft system which is transferable to the new owner, not that I believe it’s necessary anymore. A Bentley Service Manual and original CD version is also included.
Shown below is the maintenance history from most recent to the earliest for while I’ve owned the vehicle:
  • R/R – Complete Timing Belt and Water Pump Kit Installed
  • R/R – Alternator Installed
  • R/R – Die Hard Battery – H6-730CCA – 3 yr. Free Replacement
  • R/R – A/C High Pressure Service Port and recharge system
  • R/R – Injection Pump Seal Kit
  • R/R – Rear Brakes – Rotors & Pads
  • R/R – Passenger Door Seal
  • R/R – Fog Lights
  • R/R – Rear Coil Springs
  • R/R – Left Cooling Fan
  • R/R – Injection Pump (Used Pump 125,000 miles on pump)
  • R/R – Right Rear Caliper and Brake Line
  • R/R – Shifter Box, Cables, Tower and adjust
  • R/R – Injector Nozzles – Bosio Sprint 520 Nozzles
  • R/R – A/C Compressor and Receiver Dryer, Evacuate and recharge system
  • R/R – Struts and Shocks
  • R/R – Oil Pump Chain and Tensioner
  • R/R – LUK Clutch Assembly
  • R/R – Rear Main Seal
  • R/R – Serpentine Belt Tensioner and Idler
  • R/R – Front Brakes – Rotors & Pads
  • R/R – Turbo actuator
  • R/R – Water Temp Sensor
  • R/R – Rear Bushings
  • R/R – Complete Timing Belt and Water Pump Kit Installed
  • Tires – Goodyear Comfort Thread 205/55/16 – Only 18,000 miles on tires.
There are many spare parts which will be included and below is the list that I compiled.
VW Part # Description
1C0-945-511A Brake Light Switch (Green)
1H0-959-139B A/C High/Low Switch
046-130-219A Fuel Injector O-ring (6)
038-103-663 Oil Filler Tube
028-130-135F Fuel Cutoff Solenoid
1CM-898-665A OEM Window Repair Kit – for 1 side
1CO-858-036H Right Side Mirror Cover
038-145-345 Washer Gaskets
1K5-945-257 Rear Lamp Socket Plate
1H0-609-734C Clip
1J0-972-752 Housing
1J3-881-634B Seat Back Release Handle
191-919-369A Thermo Switch
N-904-242-01 Intake Bolts (6)
N-014-774-01 Oil Sump Bolt & Washer
N-905-173-04 Screw – EGR to Intake Gasket
Also included - PPG Paint Products - 1 Pint VW OEM Red, 1 Quart Clear Coat, ½ Pint High Solids Hardener and 1 Gallon Reducer.

Non-OEM Spare Parts
Laso Waterpump – 95200123A
Pierburg Mass Air Flow Sensor – 7.22684-07-0