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We are parting with our silver beetle.

1.) We bought the car new in 2004 (original window sticker available). My wife first used it as a commute vehicle until we acquired a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI in early 2014. Our son then used this vehicle to commute to high school (40 miles round-trip) for 2 ½ years. Our son is attending college in the fall and is not allowed to have a vehicle on campus. Rather then see it gather dust for 4 years, we have decided to offer our car to the forum membership first. Car was always in garage at home and has no rust. No collisions with other vehicles: see below for encounters with inanimate objects. We are asking $5000 firm. If interested, please call (336) 922-5652 (North Carolina) or email [email protected]. Request images at email address.

2.) It currently has 98569 miles. It runs perfectly and everything works. Stock vehicle with no chip tuning or non-OEM engine modifications.

3.) Maintenance:

a.) Oil and filter changes at 10000 mile intervals using Castrol 505.01 oil purchased at VW dealership. Fumoto valve installed at first oil change (4995 miles).

b.) New aluminum rims because plastic wheel covers cracked and looked horrible.

c.) Replaced splash guard with panzer plate.

d.) Tail light assemblies replaced with LED units because original sockets went bad.

e.) Front turn signal sockets replaced for the same reason.

f.) Took vehicle in to VW dealership for burnt out headlights multiple times. We usually get about 40000 miles per headlight bulb assembly.

g.) New coolant temperature sensor at 65775 miles.

h.) New alternator and accessory belt at 80900 miles.

i.) Original Continental tires replaced at 37730 miles due to belt separation. The vehicle is now on its second set of Michelins. 205/55/R16 91T Defenders last installed at 90048 miles (7-23-2015).

j.) At 90072 miles: New front and rear brake pads. Flushed and re-bled brake fluid. New engine and cabin air filters.

k.) New timing belt installed at 90115 miles (8-5-2015). Used forum writeups (thanks very much) and factory service manual for directions. Enhanced+ timing belt kit and rental tools from Blauparts. Water pump, coolant, tensioner and idler pulleys also changed.

l.) Fuel filter first changed at 60675. We had noticed a slight hesitation under heavy throttle, changed fuel filter, and problem was fixed. Second fuel filter change during timing belt replacement.

m.) Since we have a 2010 Sportwagen TDI, we used VW’s generous $1000 gift to replace the sagging Beetle headliner in January 2016. That was an expensive job (~$800) performed at the VW dealership with OEM parts.

4.) Replaced factory radio with Alpine CDA-117 because my wife wanted an iPod interface (USB to 30-pin cable).

5.) Replaced VW floor and boot liners with WeatherTech 6 months ago.

6.) Problems:

a. Two dents on passenger side roof rail from falling tree limb while my wife was at work. Dents did not crack paint or affect door/window operation, so we decided to classify it as an honorable war wound. The larger of the two dents spans 2 square inches and is 1/8 inch deep.

b. We also encountered an unavoidable chair falling off the back of a truck while driving at 45 MPH. Slight damage to air dam (conveniently fixed with a zip-tie) and front driver-side bumper sustained a 6 inch long scratch.

c. Vehicle has normal blemishes from being driven almost 100000 miles.

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