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I'm selling my black 2008 Beetle. It's been a good little car, but it's time for something different.
The car has just under 40,000 miles. I bought it used from a local VW dealer with around 21,000 about two and a half years ago.

I have all the service records while under my ownership, and all the maintenance is up to date. I put four tires on it about 5,000 miles ago. Everything is stock and the car is mechanically sound.

However, there is bad news (isn't there always?). My wife very recently took the car up to northern Michigan on a family trip and hit a patch of ice/snow, sliding into some saplings. So the front bumper has a crack in it (on the driver's side) from the bottom up to the edge of the turn signal lens and some surrounding spots where the paint cracked and came off. Also, the inner wheel guard has a piece cracked off the front. The lens cracked, too, but I replaced it as I considered it a safety and legal issue.

Heartbreaking for me, believe me. Other than that, the car is pretty sound. It has the usual wear and tear, but there isn't anything major.

Despite the fact replacing that bumper is a pain, I had planned to get a salvage one and swap them. But alas, finding a matching bumper for a newer car has proved very difficult (because I can't find one; probably doesn't help that I live in the American car capital). And I don't want to bother with aftermarkets or pulling one and doing a respray and all that nonsense. It's just not worth that much energy to me.

The KBB lists the car for about $9,600 in my area. I was starting at $9,000, assuming the new owner will want to spend money to replace or repair the bumper.

But of course, life is a negotiation, and I will entertain offers. I understand the bumper will be a sticking point (I just don't want to get completely hosed on the deal).
If you're interested (or have suggestions about where to get a bumper), please send me an e-mail (I can take some pictures and send them, too, if you're interested).

You can email me at: [email protected]

Thanks for looking.
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