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Howdy, all!

I've moved on from the NB community- got a Miata- and given it's lack of roof and my imminent move to Germany, I need to unload my old Thule 752 (NB-specific fit) and its two bike mounts (Prologue model).

I got these for my mountain bike in 2011, the second carrier for Xmas '12, and they've been well-cleaned since their removal from the NB last summer.

I've got 4 locks, 2 in the mounts, 2 on the rack, and the requisite key and master key (for changing lock cylinders) as well.

Asking $300/obo.

Located in SC- I would prefer local pickup but can ship as the situation demands. Just let me know your ZIP and we can figure out the cost- PM me via NB.org or via my craigslist ad:Thule 752 roof rack, new VW Beetle fit (98-2010)
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