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I'm selling my Sharper Image New Beetle radio/CD player. It's in excellent condition.

I just never use it, so I'm selling it for $50 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.
I'll happily sell it and ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, but the price will be a little higher (due to shipping costs).

For those unfamiliar with this CD player/radio, it was released many years ago at Sharper Image stores, but they are no longer available. It allows you to plug in headphones (or external speakers / attache to your stereo system) and it plays in stereo through speakers in the wheels! The hood opens up (by pressing the headlight!) to reveal the controls and the front bumper automatically slides opens to reveal the CD drawer. (Pressing the other headlight acts as a start/stop button for CDs when in CD mode) When the unit is on (radio and/or CD player) the headlights and taillights are lit up. It comes with the power cord, but it also can work on batteries.

Let me know if you're interested! I loved using this NB radio/CD player, but it's just been sitting in the basement with no love for the past couple of years, so I think it's time for it to go to a new home.

It makes a great Christmas/Hanukkah gift! :cool::thup:

:popcorn: YouTube video link of it in action (Sharper Image VW New Beetle radio CD player - YouTube) :popcorn:


Connections for Audio Out / Power / Headphones...

"Car show views" ;)

Under the hood (radio/CD controls)...

Undercarraige... VW approved! Battery compartment...

Working headlights/taillights...

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