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Pomelo: "The most modified stock New Beetle on the org" - Jose Pacheco​

This thread is intended to showcase in pictures and stories the adventures, modifications, trials and tribulations of my 2000 New Beetle GLX "Pomelo".

Birthday November 17,1999

Power Mods
  • APR chip
  • Forge Turbo Inlet Pipe
  • 42DD 3" Race Downpipe New
  • 42DD 3" Metal Substrate Catalytic Converter New
  • 42DD 3" to 2.5" Adapter New
  • 42DD Rear Oxygen Sensor Spacer New
  • Autotech Cat-back 2.5" Stainless Steel Exhaust w/3.5" Laser Etched Polished Stainless Steel Down Turn Tip
  • 4 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • ECS Tuning N75 Race Valve
  • Bailey Divertor valve
  • Black Hosetechique 4mm Vacuum lines
  • Bypassed N249
  • De-screened MAF
  • Turbo S vented fender liner
  • Removed rear engine bay seal

  • Prothane 65da dogbone motor mounts

Wheels and Tires
  • 17 x 7.5 BBS Delta X et38 wheels New
  • 225/45 17 Fuzion VRi tires New

  • 18 x 8.5 PRIV/AT Seiben- wheels
  • 225/40 18 Falken Ziex 912 - Tires

  • 15x6.5 MSW Type-14 - Alloy Wheels
  • 195/65R15 General Altimax Arctic Snow Tires

  • ECStuning 10mm spacers front New
  • ECStuning 20mm spacers rear New

  • H&R OE Sport springs New
  • Genuine Volkswagen 337/30AE Shocks/Struts New
  • R32 A-Arm Bushings New

  • Brembo rotors
  • PBR Ultimate Ceramic Pads

ICE or in car entertainment
  • OEM Head Unit with OEM 6 disc CD changer - Oh ya I'm hardcore!

Cosmetic and Other Mods
  • Turbo S steering wheel New
  • Custom "Crystal Clear - Red Clear" Tail Lamps
  • Audi TT Dash vents
  • Hard Wired Radar Detector
  • European Headlight Switch
  • Hyundai Antenna
  • Stealth rear fog light w/1156HR Jam Straight LED
  • working gauge cluster rear fog icon
  • Relocated flip switch for rear spoiler
  • Monster New Beetle Floor mats
  • Custom New Beetle Dead Pedal
  • Turbo Badge
  • Turbo S pedal Covers
  • Yellow Leather Shift boot from European Color Concept.
  • Short Shift Kit
  • 3" Shorter Shift Lever
  • Chrome and Carbon look shift knob
  • Disabled day time running lights
  • Clear corners front
  • Red LED's for rear corners
  • Black Brake Calipers
  • Color coded interior components

Wish List
  • Poly Rear Beam Bushings
  • Poly Front Swaybar Bushings
  • BFI Stage 1 Motor Mounts (All Three)
  • JVC AHD69 Headunit
  • Escort 9500ix radar detector
  • EO5 Turbo
  • Peloquin Limited Slip Differential
  • APR Stage 1 Clutch with lightweight flywheel


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Wow! She is beautiful, but I really love the yellow shift boot! :bowdown:

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One of the great staples of newbeetle.org, the car with the most mods that looks completely stock, and Totally sick! And also Pomelo couldn't be owned by the most loved and loving person on the org.

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UGHHHHH!!! I love those MIlle's! Yum! :bigthumb:

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Hey Tom it is good to see you here on the new New Beetle.org. I will stop in from time to time to check up an the latest updates from the man who inspired me to mod. See you around.

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Hi Guys and Gals

I decided that it was time to fix a tiny foible I made. Yes even I make mistakes hehehe.

The 215/55 16s are rubbing in corners and its time to replace them with the proper size. So I sold the 16X7 Mille Miglia A1s with the Dunlop Graspics to WaWalker and ordered myself a new set of wheels and tires from www.tirerack.com.

I got the 16X7 Sport Edition F2s and 205/55VR16 Dunlop Wintersport M3 snow tires. I will post pictures on October 1st.

arrrgghhhh six days.. I feel like a kid waiting on Santa :eek:hnoes:

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looks good. i like your rims.


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Tara. My Mille Miglia Action Sports came from www.tirerack.com They are no longer available in the "black chrome" option but you can still get them in bright silver.

Speaking of www.tirerack.com I placed an order with them last Friday night.

Sport Edition F2 16X7 silver rims.

205/55VR16 Dunlop Wintersport M3 ultra high performance snow tires.

I sold off my old set of Mille Miglia A1s and Graspic snow tires to WaWalker. He intends on using them on his wifes Jetta. I think they will look fantastic on there. Thanks for helping me out by installing my new rims and taking these pics, Bill and I hope your wife loves her new rims. :wave3:

Tom aka Fowvay


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