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Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - (How-To) Discussion

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Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - How-To<---click on title to go to link.
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Euro emblems

I had no trouble installing my Euro emblems. It's even easier on the 2005 Bug, because there isn't a lock on the rear. Dental floss and hairdryer made it quick and easy.

My husband was in Germany on business recently. He called to tell me that he had just met someone with a NB. Of course he looked for the Euro emblems. He said that they were silver and black like in the U.S. Maybe that German guy had replaced his blue/white with silver/black??? Or is it a myth that the blue/white emblems are Euro?

I've glued the old silver/black rear badge on my center armrest, which I got from J.C. Whitney. (My GL model didn't come with the center armrest.) My emblem looks real snazzy there in the middle of my Bug.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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