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Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - (How-To) Discussion

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This thread is for Discussion on the How-to titled:

Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - How-To<---click on title to go to link.
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well, i'd be more than happy to start the discussion.

this past weekend i printed out the euro emblem how-to and had at it.

the write-up is superb. you can follow it to a T and everything will work out just fine.

i do have a few pointers to supplement, however.

- first off, this mod is best accomplished in a garage or carport or something similar near your home. i did it in the local DIY car wash slip. (don't worry, i was polite and made sure i never prevented someone from washing their car.) it was nice and shady, but having a little workbench/table would have been nice to put all the pieces on so they woulodnt get lost. (i used the black privacy flap that's between the back seat and window, and made sure i didnt lose anything.)

- second, bring a lot of paper towels. the mechanisms under the rear emblem are coated in that yellow-green snot grease that VW loves. it gets on everything.

- and lastly, make sure you don't close your trunk when you have the electronics unplugged. i know, its a pretty obvious thing. but i put my trunk down gently so i could drive right next door to discount auto to grab a hex bit and a pepsi, and as i crossed the little access road connecting parking lots, it went "ka-chunk" and locked itself. its not horrible to fix, you just have to put down the back seat and climb into the trunk and pull the latch pin.

oh. and as it turns out, a hex allen wrench works on the torx screws. i figured that out after the torx drivers at discount auto were 9 dollars and i didn't buy one.

but this mod was fun and totally worth it. i tried to explain what all i did to my friend and he said "man thats way too complicated for me to even try". i didnt tell him i had the official org cheat sheet.
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iScott said:
Ok, took off my front badge tonight. But there is quite a bit of old glue left on the hood.
Any ideas on how to get this off?
I seem to remember at some point using a hair dryer to loosen it up and then just peeling it off.

Other people say running dental floss underneath it works, but I've never tried it.

Whatever you do, don't use GOOF OFF. I for sure remember it not working at all.
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