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Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - (How-To) Discussion

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This thread is for Discussion on the How-to titled:

Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - How-To<---click on title to go to link.
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Euro VW Emblem
1C0-853-617-39A 98-02 Front
1C0-853-630-D-39A 98-02 Rear
1C0-827-594 98-02 Rear Gasket
1C0-853-617-39A 02-05 Front
1C0-853-630-L-39A 02-05 Rear
iScott said:
Once I'm ready to put the badge back on, what kind of adhesive should I use?
The new Emblem should have a tape adhesive on the back already.
If not 3m automotive tape can be used. That stuff is strong enough to hold my wing on for the past 3+ years.:D
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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