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Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - (How-To) Discussion

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Front and Rear Euro Emblem Install - How-To<---click on title to go to link.
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I replaced the front & reat emblems on my '05 TDI a few months ago, but I used factory replacements. The removal process is the same, pry them off & clean off the residue left on the rear hatch. The front was easy to align because it had 2 alignment pins on the back of the emblem & 2 holes in the hood.
I have a thread on here somewhere about replacing mine. Prior to pulling the rear one off I used some painters tape & lined the edges up with the emblem's VW letter edges to help me align the new one.
Thank you for the reply. Yeah I changed them both yesterday. It was a pain to remove the freakin residue! The only thing that works in my experience was acetone. But I got the job done.....eventually lol :D
Anyone here know how to remove the front emblem for 2012 beetle ?? plan to wrap it with 3m vinyl ! thanks in advance....:)
If I may ask-how much does this mod cost for a 2000 beetle?
Hey gang, just wanted to thank you again for putting together such a good How-To!! Pulled it up today so that I could swap out my rear emblem.

Been a few years since I did the last one, and this got me through it.

For those with 2006 VW's, here's what I found out when installing my new European badges:
1. The original badge is actually made from two pieces. A chrome looking plastic VW logo attached to a black rubberized plastic backing. The VW logo is attached to the black plastic base by a number of small snaps all around the logo. The black plastic base is attached to the car by 2 sided tape. I snapped off the chrome looking piece first with a small screw driver then pulled off the black base as described in this post.
2. On the front of the car, there are no holes in the hood under the badge. As a result, you have to dremel off the two prongs on the new European badge.

Other than than, the instructions already posted are just fine.

P.S. I used a citrus based cross country ski wax remover to get the adhesive off the body from the old badge. Worked like a charm without any damage to the finish.:)
In taking the chrome plastic VW eblem off of the rubber backing, did it break? come off easily? I'm looking to plasti-dip mine, but I don't want to spray the whole thing, just the chrome part.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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