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Front Grill Valance & Fog Lamp replacement help.

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I bought a 98 VW Beetle First Gen. I'm restoring it.
Though I've purchased manuals and searched online,
I have had little to find about how to remove the grill, valance & front spoiler.
I had found two sources to help with my issue, but lost it.
I bought all new parts, including the fog lights.
However, I'm struggling to remove the front lower spoiler or valance.
Does anyone know how to remove this piece?
I know there are two screws to remove first, on left and right.
But are there any other screws, asided from the fog lights?
Can I just wedge it our slowly, without pulling or breaking something
Any help?
Thanks in advance​
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Welcome to the ORG. How about taking a minute to drop in and introduce yourself in the New Member section. Post a few pics and share more about your 2.0 NB!
On mine, I believe the upper portion just slides out of clips.
Once you get the grill out you can simply turn the rear fog light housing to remove it from the fog light housing and then unscrew the fog light housings from the grill.
This is just from memory though. If you have a front license plate & plate mount You probably will have to remove it as well to have clearance in removing the grill.

Good luck & let us know how it goes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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