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Back to taking very good care of my girl. We just did a fuel/EPI flush and she is VERY happy. :)

I am preparing for winter repairs, this includes:
Front strut mounts (only a little play right now)
Front rotors (they have rusted and pivot'd quite disgustingly)
Front pads (because of the obvious)

Where (online) can I buy these front strut mounts? Should I be buying spring kits or *is completely lost*. The photo of the "strut mount" that VW gave me does not look like "their" strut mounts, but general strut mounts? Was very confused on part look up.

I am just getting a front rotor/brake pad set from amazon (Amazon.com: Callahan [ EURO Luxury Series ] Front Premium Grade OE Brake Disc [2] Rotors + [4] Low Dust Ceramic Brake Pads Kit: Automotive) since that seemed like the best price and they go fast anyway. UNLESS, someone has a certain type of pad (ceramic, organic, metallic, etc. as ceramic EATS OEM rotors for breakfast) type they recommend, and rotor brand?

I would like to stick to amazon as I like to share my wishlist ;) or any other cheaper place.

I guess I should mention I'm doing a complete paint job by the fall, too.

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If you're going to go through the process of replacing the mounts; you might consider just refreshing the whole suspension with new struts and suspension components. At this point most of the new Beatles probably need new struts; especially with so many miles and age; particularly if it never been replaced before. BlauParts a really nice kit that is very reasonably priced; check out more info


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