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1999 Volkswagen 1.8liter Turbo New Beetle GLS five speed
Looks, feels and drives great. Very solid handling.
Excellent maintenance
Mobile One since new
185,000 one owner miles
Bright Red
Original VW deployable spoiler [Spoiler goes up at 93mph and is functional. Also at 93mph, the sunroof automatically closes...don't ask me how I know.] There is a little switch that allows the spoiler to go up anytime.
Heated Leather Seats
Sunroof opens completely or as vent
Cruise Control
CD Changer in trunk by VW
VW extra cup holders in center arm rest
Electric heated rear window

Here are some more peeks at the Turbo New Beetle[email protected]/91rY06/

I am providing a list of maintenance done on the car. Many folks wonder if some critical item has been done. Maintenance, such as a new timing belt, are in the distant future, because they have been done according to schedule [done previously.]

New clutch and clutch pressure plate
All new air conditioning system
New Starter
New Alternator
New timing belt and serpentine belt
New water pump
New rear rotors and brakes
Hankook tires P2058/55R16
Full size spare.
Comments from passers-by - they ask if the car is new.

Call 913 940 3910
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