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I have recently upgraded my wheels and tires and it's time to get rid of the old ones. (hard to call them old as they were on the car for maybe 3000 miles.

Anyway, I have 4 Motegi DPK's (

Mine were originally white and I had them professionally painted and had the lips polished.

They are wrapped in 235/35ZR19 Toyo Proxes 4.

These wheels and tires were put on for SEMA last year and then the car was not driven much after that s I store it in the winter. The tires have lots of tread left.
Original cost was approx:
$250 each wheel * 4
$220 each tire * 4
$300 Paint
$120 Polish

I am asking $1500 for the wheels and tires.

Shoot me an e-mail if interested

[email protected]


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i'm with my1stnb here. those wheels are hotness, and i'd take em if i had the fundage, but i dont.. if you went totally mental and just want them gone i hope they find a good home.

if you really need the money, maybe you should post these on the vortex, if you've got a good rep there, there's alotta people with slammed mk4's that these'll look totally hot on.
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