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FS: 2005 Beetle Turbo Convertible 5-speed

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Low-mileage, two-owner VW Beetle Convertible Turbo with a manual transmission, currently owned by a VW enthusiast family.

The details:
Platinum Gray/Black top 2005 Beetle Convertible with 77,000 miles (or thereabouts)
Gray leather interior
1.8T, 150 hp engine
Five-speed manual transmission
Jacksonville, FL
Asking $7500
Photos can be seen on Craigslist here.
You can email me at [email protected].

The good:
Owned by an enthusiast family, so there are a few well-chosen upgrades
-ECS Tuning Stage 1 clutch and single-mass flywheel (the stock clutch is outrageously light; this one is not heavy, but adds just enough weight to be able to feel the clutch better)
-Boost gauge in the driver's side AC vent (I also have the stock vent, if you want to remove it)
-Stage 1 Dogbone engine mount (dramatic improvement in shifting and reduction of wheel hop)
-2.5" Cat-back exhaust (still pretty quiet though, as the stock downpipe and cat are on the car, and I have the original exhaust, if you want it)
-235 width tires (10mm wider than stock)
The timing belt was done about 10,000 miles ago (same time as the clutch)
The front brake pads are less than 10,000 miles old and I have new rear ones that I'll install before I sell it.
The coolant temp sensor and thermostat have maybe 1,500 miles on them.
The driver's side window regulator is less than a year old.
The top was replaced by the previous owner just before we bought it, so it's just a few years old.
Oil changed every 5,000 miles, always with Mobil 1 synthetic.
Always ran 93 octane gas.
Never smoked in and never had pets in it.
The leather on all the seats is in great shape.
Has the upgraded Monsoon radio, and it sounds great, even with the top down.
Comes with the VW top cover for highway driving and I'll give you my bottle of convertible top cleaner.
The engine runs really strong (the boost gauge shows 12 psi, when it is supposed to have 9) and it is a lot of fun to drive. The suspension and brakes are typical German fare, meaning the handling and stopping are excellent for what it is.

The bad:
The first owner was a lady in her 80s, so there are a fair number of little scratches on it. Most are barely noticeable and could be removed by a detailer, I've just never had it done.
There is a wrinkle in the hood from an incident right after we got the car. You can only see it if you look for it and I can tell you the story, if you like (it wasn't from an accident).
The idle is a bit rough. It drives great and has no CELs, but it idles rough and I don't know why.
The driver's door sensor sometimes doesn't notice you've opened the door. This causes a couple issues and I'm going to try to sort it out before selling the car.
Two of the wheel center caps are broken. I'll give you the other two and there are a couple options to get new ones, if you don't like the open hub look. (I do.)
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pretty car---best of luck on the sale! :)
Thanks! My wife loves the car, but she's pregnant, so we need a four-door now.
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