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Hi Everyone. Im selling my New bettle and I had just posted it up on TDIClub today and I figured I might as well post it here. I hope you guys dont mind me copy/pasting the ad

For sale is my wifes (and mine too I guess :) ) 2006 New Beetle TDI Auto. She's the original owner, and the car has resided in Florida for its whole life besides the past year (If rust is a concern for anybody). The car has 100% bone stock/unmodified. Its never had a tune or any sort of aftermarket parts. Ive been pretty good about changing the oil myself (feel free to read my very limited post history on TDIclub). For the first few oil changes I performed using Valvoline Synthetic 5w40 505.01. After she was out of warranty, I switched to M1 TDT or Shell Rotella T6 (which ever was cheaper). The only thing ive added to the car was a "Dog Collar" based on what I read on the forum and an email with KermaTDI. The car had thrown a P0101 code. it would come back if I cleared it. However, after installing the dog collar, the code has never came back. The part has been on the car for almost a full year now (installed 3/14).

Now for the bad.

Ive been meaning to change the transmission fluid. I have the 5 liters of VW DSG Oil SAE 75W and filter just staring at me every day. its been fairly cold as of recent, and I just havent found time to change it. I paid $155 for the fluid + filter + o rings and still have the invoice from the dealer. Also. the timing belt/WP/etc hasn't been done. If a potential buyer prefers, I could get these done before the sale.

Time for even more bad.

Remember how I said the car was in Florida for the majority of its life? The car has a soft touch coating, which was practically melting in the south. It essentially turns into a goop the scratches very easily and everything sticks to it. My wife (girlfriend at the time) tried cleaning it and ended up kind of ruining the coating. Some of it rubbed off, and she gave up after she realized what she started. Now the soft touch surfaces in the car are kind of in a state of disarray. Some pieces were taken off, had the soft touch coat stripped, and were painted a matte black. Those pieces actually look pretty decent. However I couldn't remove the dash because of the radio keys. Also the door panel card vinyl has lifted around some of the curves. Ive looked up DIY fixes to remove the door panel and reattach the vinyl with stronger/better adhesives but as ive mentioned, ive been short for time as of recent.

Ok, maybe some time for some good.

The rest of the interior is actually in decent shape. The Leather/Vinyl seats are actually in good shape. No tears or stains. the car came from the dealer lot with all weather floor mats, so the carpet is in pretty decent shape. The paint still shines very nicely, and is quite good condition. The car has a sunroof, power windows, locks, mirrors, heated seats, cruise control and the monsoon sound system. The car had a new battery put in last month (cold snap killed the last one). It has new gas shocks for the trunk hatch. car is accident free and has only had 1 driver (my wife). the car has around 84600 miles on it right now.
Time for some photos

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can provide the VIN to anybody who asks. If you'd prefer to speak over the phone, id be glad to give you my number. The car is listed for 6500 and I feel as if it is a fair price, but if the forum tells me otherwise, I might be willing to lower the price.

The reason we are selling the car is because we're looking to get a slightly more off road capable car. While the fuel economy of the diesel is huge for us, there are just too many dirt roads where we wouldn't dare take the car. In Florida, this was never an issue. But in the Rockies, it is.
Thanks for looking
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