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I am selling a complete bass setup that will fit in any car and you will need nothing else for it to work, other than a radio with RCA pre-outs (any aftermerket radio applies here, or an additional level adapter for a stock radio)

If you're in the Atlanta area, I can also install it for you free of charge.

What I am including is:

an Alpine Type S dual 2ohm coil sub

An Audiobahn a2401q 2-channel amp
i can'd find a good website for detailed specs, but here they are
2-Channel A/B MOSFET Power Amplifier
100 watts x 2 @4 ohms Stereo
140 watts x 2 @2 ohms Stereo stable
280 watts x 1 @4 ohms Mono
Volt Meter /w Blue Illumination
Class A/B MOSFET Circuitry - PWM MOSFET Power Supply
Double Sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Board
THD: 0.02%
S/N Ratio: >100dB

This amp is a perfect match for this sub because it sits right below Alpine's recommended max RMS power rating.

Your choice of a small sealed box or a larger ported box (not pictured).
It all depends on how loud you want it, and how much trunk space you need. The small box will be plenty loud for most people, and it will still give you an amazing amount of trunk space. The larger box will take up a lot more room, but it will be even louder!

Also I will include a never opened 4 gauge amp wiring kit. This includes all the wiring you will need to install the amp and sub and connect it to the battery and any radio with rca pre-outs.

Also, shipping is extra. I'd like not to ship it though... sub boxes are a pain to ship.


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