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Hi Everyone -

Oval Rear Back Window Cover for VW Volkswagen New Beetle 2006 2010 Coupe | eBay

My Daisy-Diesel (TDI) is gone, but the oval-shaped rear window cover remains, and needs a new home with an NB enthusiast. I really like the look of this on the car (see the flea-bay ad link above)...a very cool retro-look, and adds quite a bit of back-end privacy. Manufactured in Canada, but they aren't made any more.

Starting bid is $69 so somebody is going to get a smokin' deal! Shipping is flat rate via Fed-Ex Ground from Reno, NV to anywhere in the lower-48 states, U.S. Glad to answer any questions - Phone Nine-one-six 7-3-zero - 4-4-two-zero if you want to talk. Thanks for looking! :)

p.s. - here's a post my wife and I made when we first got this item...maybe it answers a few more questions.

A few things I learned...

1) I love my wife (it's an on-going thing)
2) She is sneakier than I thought
3) The oval window piece is light, pre-formed, but very flexible.
4) The paint color is a perfect match, though it will need some polish and wax to make it snap like the rest of the car - it's a bit foggy by comparison to new paint....
5) ...which is weird because they are painted to match just 1 day before shipment (maybe that's the problem).
6) Directions say don't drive the car for 24 hrs Maybe the unit and the tape need to settle in place?
7) Made by Willpak Industries in Oakville, Ontario. Bought through
8) $315 painted and shipped.
9) More difficult to see against a dark color with 20%-tint windows. Contrast is important if you really want it to stand out.
10) I think it looks way cool no matter what the contrast.
11) Did I mention I love my wife?


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Just wanted to give a quick update...

I swapped out the red Beetle for a silver one. Still need to find the time to get the overlay painted and installed, but definitely getting ansy to do so.
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