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Well I tore the meniscus in my clutch side knee again this weekend and can't manage to shift gears without excruciating pain so the Beetle is for sale. Back to the terrible xterra for a while. I will have to get it cleaned up for some pictures over the next couple days but here are the basics.

Purchased in January with 193k miles. Now has just over 197k miles.
No maintenance records prior to my purchase but the previous title was a TN title so its been a southern car even though the current title is an Indiana title. There is no rust anywhere on the car and the title is clean.
Good Michelin Energy on 16" allow wheels and have a lot of tread left.
I believe the MAF was changed just prior to my purchase because there was a box with a dirty MAF in the passenger foot well when I picked the car up.
Since I purchased it I replaced, and have receipts for the following:

  • Battery
  • Alternator
  • both axles -all 4 joints
  • fresh alignment car drives straight and true. ball joints and tie rode ends checked out good.
  • serpentine belt
  • DQY code transmission - filled with AMSoil Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90. All stretch bolts replaced, with reciept.
  • replaced a cracked oil pan, therefore changed the oil at ~195k with the Mobile 1 TDT 5w40 full synthetic that came with the car when I purchased it. Have receipt for the purchase of the oil. Also will come with an unopened quart of Rotella T6 for between oil change top ups.
  • A full 100k mile timing belt kit from Bora parts is in the shed and will go with the car. Includes water pump, all rollers, studs stretch bolts, intake manifold gasket and g12. This was going to be was going to be my next replacement.

All work great
  • Heat
  • A/C
  • Power windows
  • power mirrors
  • hatch popper
  • fuel door popper

I just drove the car ~1000 miles this weekend and she got 40 & 42.25 MPG @ 80-85MPH on the two tanks of fuel respectively.

The Bad:

  • Oil cooler/oil filter housing stack is dripping oil. Was going to replace the rubber gaskets in it at the next oil change. Do not have these parts but total cost ~$6.
  • The car came to me with the airbag light on, haven't had time to investigate. not sure why or what it would take to fix. I haven't found any evidence of the airbags deploying nor chassis damage which would suggest a collision.
  • The right end button blank of the lower dash is missing
  • Passenger fog light missing thanks to a tow truck a few weeks ago.
  • There is a vibration at 75-85 MPH that comes and goes. I believe this to be bushings.
  • The drivers seat lumbar has a hole worn in it. All the seats are dirty, in need of a steam cleaning. But the front seats have matching grey w/black piping seat covers in clean, like new condition.
  • Some of the functions of the factory radio - bass/treble adjustment - are finikey/dont work sometimes and the speakers are for crap. cd changer only plays when it feels like it.
  • Shifter boot is worn
  • no center arm rest
  • The roof shows signs of hail damage
  • The outer driver side door handle needs replaced.

You get the idea - the interior is basically a work car interior.

I can get a better pair of seats and floor carpet and install it all but would want even money for component cost. ~$200

I think this is a fairly accurate and honest assessment of the car. Its in mediocre aesthetic condition but good mechanical condition and it has almost $1500 in new parts in the last 2 months.

Asking $4200obo or i'll trade for a briefcase full of Vicodin:rolleyes:

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Started getting a little noise today so I replaced the rear brake pads.

Previous owner said he did front rotors and pads before I picked it up. Don't know when exactly but I confirmed there is a LOT of meat on the pads.
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